One from Goodwood

One from Goodwood

Monday, 18 March 2013

WK 125 Bellissima Scooter Captures the Spirit of Lambretta

WK are a Chinese scooter brand that have been picking up sales in the UK with their decent value motorcycles and scooters. I reckon they'll do OK with this Lambretta-ish Bellissima 125, which is just £1400 on the road. Way cheaper than many Japanese or Italian scooters in the 125cc novice class.
New WK Bellissimo 125 Lambretta-likey

The WK Bellissima takes its styling cues from the classic Italian scooters of the 60s, like the Lambretta Li series and brings them up to date with modern features like a four-stroke engine, a `twist and go' transmission, hydraulic suspension front and rear, disc front brake and the essential underseat storage.

There are whitewall tyres, chrome mirrors and passenger grab bar and a top box and screen for regular commuters.

If you're struggling to pay the outrageous Oyster card charges for getting around in London, or fed up waiting for jam-packed trains and trams elsewhere in the UK, then a scooter could be the answer.

You do need to pay for CBT lessons, helmet, wet weather riding kit and a serious lock of course. Plus insurance, which for a first time rider, living in London, would probably be around £500-£700 depending on your postcode, driving history, occupation etc.

Insurance plus all the riding kit would add on £1200 or so, which is about £2600, still cheaper than 1 year's Season Ticket from say Reading into London.

I just checked on that ticket from Reading to Kings Cross - brace yourself - £4704!! Christ on a bastard bike, that is ridiculous.

The WK Bellissima 125 is available from WK dealers nationwide in white/blue, pearl white and metallic black. For me, it has to be the blue and white combo - best colours I reckon.


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  1. WK BELLISSIMA 125 CC Scooter looks real cool
    can you get accessory eg fly screen ,crash bars etc
    regards Dave